When we first drove through Inola, we didn’t know what to expect. Living and raising our family in Oklahoma City, all we really knew was that Inola was a small town outside of Tulsa with lots of space to roam. We didn’t know that we would fall in love.

Both of our families are from Central Oklahoma and they instilled a sense of Oklahoma pride that we are passing down to our kids. They also taught us the importance of a family-oriented community. We are Eric and Susan Owens, and Inola is that place we have been searching for.

Both of us have been fortunate enough to have seen success in both of our respective careers. Eric has been roping competitively since he was a kid. Growing up around rodeos and livestock for a majority of his life, people would say he’s pretty good at it. We also have teenage sons that also enjoy roping. While I have been a real estate agent in Oklahoma City for the past little while. We would always go about our days, and we were happy, but always felt as though there was just a little something missing.

We have been blessed to be able to live great lives in Oklahoma City, but we feel as though we are ready to turn the page on the next chapter of our story. Having both run and sold successful businesses within the last year, we knew that we wanted to create something that we and our community could be proud of. Something that brings joy to others and a place where people can relax, have a great meal and enjoy the company of family and neighbors. Riverbend Ranch is the perfect place for all of those things.

When we first came across the property, we were surprised that it was for sale! The place was in great shape. The previous owners really did an amazing job building on that land, maintaining the grounds, restaurant, barns, and the arena. We are beyond proud to be the new owners of this first-class venue and are excited to evolve it. We know all too well that owning and running a successful business is a challenge. But to create something really special, we know that it requires investment. We are going to do what it takes and invest the time to plan out great experiences at our events. We are eager to invest in the property itself, and we are proud to have the opportunity to be of service to the people and community of Inola.

As the new Owens Riverbend Ranch begins to take shape, we hope that it becomes a place that is known for first-class rodeo events and concerts, but most of all a place you look to share with your friends and family.

– Eric and Susan Owens