Who Do You Want to See Perform?

Concerts and festivals are among some of the most fun experiences out there right now…we want ours to be the BEST. Owens Riverbend Ranch is a perfect place for your favorite artists. As we begin the planning process for concerts and music festivals, we want to ask you, our friends and neighbors, who you want to see perform. Owens Riverbend Ranch is home to a state-of-the-art arena, as well as grounds that can be converted for staging and fans.

We know a few things. We want to make it easy for you, we want to make it a great experience and we want to bring artists that you will care about. So what are the things that you would need to see to make concerts and festivals at Owens Riverbend Ranch a first-class experience for you?

Please take some time to fill out the form below. The thoughts and opinions of our friends and neighbors are important to us, and will read all of the feedback we get here personally. Thank you in advance for helping us to create the best fan experience for you and your families.

– Eric and Susan Owens


Music Interests & Wish List

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