Pistol and Feather

Pistol and Feather is our flagship restaurant at Owens Riverbend Ranch. As we pull together our plans to relaunch the restaurant, the voice of our neighbors is important. Of course, we want to provide the best dining experience we can, but if we aren’t serving the farm fresh foods and entrees that our neighbors will come out for, we may as well not be open.

Folks are always in search of a great meal and environment in which to enjoy that meal. No matter if it is a country-style breakfast, picnic lunch, or a robust dinner.

What are those meals that you would travel for?

What are you always in search of that you haven’t found yet?

We want to make sure to provide best-tasting food and the highest level of service, not only for our Inola community, but also for those who travel to and through our community. We want to make that dining experience something that you will miss once you leave Owens Riverbend Ranch. So please take a couple of minutes to fill out the form below and let us know what you would like to see us serve you and your family.


Pistol & Feather - Food & Beverage

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