Private Rentals Available At Riverbend

Special events that bring rodeos, horse shows, auctions, and more to Rogers County will draw competitors and participants from all across Oklahoma and Green Country. This makes the Riverbend Arena at Owens Ranch the best venue for you. Located just off of Highway 412, we are easily accessible to everyone. And, our many amenities and services will ensure that your event is a success, because everyone, from the competitors to the spectators, will have their needs met.

Hosting a gala, business conference, event, or planning a wedding?

Riverbend Arena will have a designated special event tent complete with tables, chairs, lighting, service areas, available stage, dance floor, sound system, air conditioning and heat, and ample parking for those special occasions that you want to be memorable. Located in the Roger’s County countryside makes this a relaxing and enjoyable location, away from the “hustle and bustle” of the city or the confines of typical event venues that do not allow the natural outdoor light (daytime) to soften the atmosphere.

Working with our special event coordinator, you will be able to choose the best color(s) for table and chair coverings, your florist can bring in your table decorations for the event, and our catering staff at Riverbend Ranch will coordinate menus with you, from salads, entrees, desserts to beverages and wines.

Come and see what Riverbend Arena at Owens Ranch has to offer for your special day.

Need to board your horse(s)?

Riverbend Arena is offering short-term horse boarding in the stables. Amenities include: a trained staff to care for your horse(s), lighted stalls, daily manure removal, fenced pasture for grass grazing and exercise, fresh water and food (or, you can bring your own food if there is a special diet).

Boarding will be available 7-days-a-week with both daily and weekly rates and contact us about booking an event or boarding your horse(s).

Contact us to learn more about our facility.


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