Become a Sponsor

As with most sporting events, there is an opportunity to advertise through sponsorships so that your company’s name or products are featured to all attending the event. This lets everyone know that you support the event, and at the same time, create company or product awareness to a select group of people who came to the Arena for the event. Such sponsorship shows our community that you have a commitment to the community with your support.

Arena Sponsorships

  • Signs in the Arena
  • Your logo on the contestant numbered vests
  • Your logo on napkins and other food service items
  • Your logo on the scoreboard
  • Your logo on the event program
  • Live Audio Mention during events
  • Logo and Links on all digital marketing, website and event posts.

Event Sponsorships

Sponsor the Arena or specific events, Riverbend has you covered. With Sponsorship packages that fit within any budget, becoming a sponsor of Riverbend Events is the easiest and most cost-effective way to build brand recognition and to show your support for the local community.

Riverbend Sponsorships

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